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Pool Table Recovering Services in Cary and surrounding areas

If you’re looking to replace the worn-out felt on your current table, or thinking about changing the decor in your game room and want to change out the color of felt on your table to go with the ambiance of the room or perhaps you just purchased a table and need it put together. You have reached the right place!

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Expert pool table felt applications when we take care of your pool table recovering service. We also offer complete moves and expert pool table setup services.

We provide pool table recovering services in Standard Championship material and Professional grade Simonis felt.

We are experienced pool table movers and we take care of most pool table moves. Just let us know in advance the type and color and we’ll have it ready for your installation.

We come out to your home and professionally remove the existing pool table felt, the bumper cloth, clean up the staples, ensure the cushion is in good working order, install the new material, check the leveling correct it if necessary and we also inspect the table for minor issues and pool table repair.

When taking care of the complete pool table moves, we carefully remove the cloth so that it can be reused if you are happy with it and is still in good condition. This way you don’t have to recover with new material at the time of installation, however, if the felt is worn out and you are thinking about a pool table refelting service in the near future.

Then it is best to take care of the pool table recovering is at the time of installation. The reason is that since the pool table is in pieces the refelting process is less time demanding and labor-intensive.

Guaranteed Pool Table Refelting Services

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We offer complete pool table moves plus expert pool table refelting in high-quality pool table felt. You can choose from a list of colors for three lines of cloth that we supply to our customers.

We are the only company in the area to back up their work with a written guarantee issued by a national organization.

That guarantee will cover you for a year for any issues that may arise once the installation is completed, or if there are any leveling issues.

When you are shopping around make sure you ask if your table goes out of level within the following year, will they come back and fix that for you at completely no charge.

We offer 7 days a week customer support, expert pool table service, and respect our customers’ schedule. Additionally, the pool table felt we use to recover is protected against rips, tears or manufacturers defects for a whole year after service is complete.

If you have just bought a pool table and need it moved, we can help with both the move and the pool table assembly!

Material Options For Your Pool Table Refelting Service

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There is a wide variety of pool table felt options in the market, you can purchase your own cut of cloth, however, if we take care of the pool table refelting and provide the felt as well, then our exclusive guarantee covers not only the service but also the cloth we provide.

Our exclusive guarantee will protect the cloth we provide against tears, rips or manufacturers defects for 12 months after we finish your refelting service.

We offer a high-quality pool table felt, either residential grade material or Tournament grade cloth.

The main differences between standard cloth and upgraded worsted material are the speed, accuracy, and overall gameplay performance.

Below we have put together the basic description of each cloth.

Standard woolen pool table felt colors

Stain-resistant material woolen felt is what is most commonly found on pool tables and most likely what is offered with all new pool tables. The texture is a little “fuzzy” which makes it slower and the most economical of the options.

Simonis worsted felt colors

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The most widely recognized name in the industry, used by professionals and passionate players.

This pool table cloth undergoes a special manufacturing process that results in a beautiful precision cloth.

This achieves the smoothest and most accurate playing surface available that lets’s play your best.

Standard worsted non-brand colors

(Colors may be limited, contact us to get current colors available.)

Tournament grade cloth, tightly woven material that gives it a slick texture allowing for a faster game, higher accuracy and more durability.

Make sure you measure the room dimensions and also the pool table dimensions as this will help you determine the best size of a pool table to get. For your convenience, we have put together a pool table room sizes chart.

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Feel free to use and find out which size of pool table best fits in your designated game room. The SOLO® Pool Table Movers of Cary warrants all of our work with a guarantee issued by the American Billiard Installers Association. We can take care of all your pool table needs.

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